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Let us know a little about yourself! Tell us about your birds and why you are here.

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Hello all

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I just joined the group as I'm considering adopting a pair of IRN.

The reason for this is that recently, a lost Yellow IRN found its way to our place. We kept it for 24h until we found and gave back the bird to its owner.

I'm a birder and I do wildlife photography but I wouldn't have wanted to have a pet bird which could have been poached. I understand that IRN are however being bred as pet and thus it doesn't create a conflict.

Our family loves animal we own a dog, a cat (yes a cat, more on this later) and welcoming a bird is something we now look forward to.

Now we want to be responsible about it and objective about our challenges. We are busy and whilst we are committed to invest the time needed for bonding, we also travel and a pair seems more reasonable than a single bird (but we'll do it in steps I think).

We also need to create a secure area. We have a cat, technically two but one is very sick and won't last long unfortunately, and although she has not shown a great interest in birds we don't want to take chances. Thus we'll have to find the best and safest option (seems to be a large enough cage as a starting point).

So lots of open questions that we have and thus I decided to join this forum as to gather as much practical information as possible.

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