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video of my she stressed?

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:34 pm
by dlr123
hey now. I have an Indian Ringneck that we rescued from a very neglectful "bird rescue". She was not hand reared and spent the first 6 months of her life stuck in a tiny cage all alone without toys or any form of enrichment. 6 months into having her and she is still incredibly timid and runs and hides when approached. we have managed to get her to take food from our hands but only with some coaxing. she comes out of her cage when we are at a safe distance but recently and begun to attempt to fly even though her wings are clipped. the problem is that she is young and clumsy and managed to break two blood feathers in her right wing. we took her to the vet and he of course pulled the feathers but he recommended that we keep her in the cage until the feathers come back in. two days into her confinement and she has begun to hang on the front of the cage and rock her head back and forth frantically. she has done it the majority of the day and I'm concerned that her being stuck in the cage is stressing her out. is this rocking behaviour something we should worry about and if so, what can we possibly do to help her through a longer confinement? we are worried that we will lose what little progress we have made and cause her more undue stress. any help would be appreciated.

here is a link to the video: ... p=drivesdk

ps- I hope this is the right section in the forum. I figured since there was a video it would go here