New to breeding mutations

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New to breeding mutations

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Hi! I’m new to this message board, and have questions on breeding cleartails and pied ringnecks.
I have 4 blue cleartail Indian ringnecks - that all turned out to be female.
My father in-law has:
Blue males and females
Violet males and females
Blue pied males and females
1 DF blue pied female
Albino males and females
And 1 Olive - I believe he said male
Available to me.
Either I can pair something up with my cleartails, or switch my females for two pairs of his birds.
There is nothing on this list I would want to pair up my cleartail to, correct? None of these are split to cleartail, so I would not be getting any cleartails, correct?
So if I were to trade him my four females for two pairs on his list, what would you advise I get? I do LOVE the pied!! What could, or should I pair pieds up with?
Thank you in advance for all your help! I have been going through this forum and learning so much!

Oh one more thing! These are all juveniles. And I do not know if the pied are dominant or recessive.
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