Cinnamon Ringneck

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Cinnamon Ringneck

Post by akash1978 »

Hi Friends,
I just got a Cinnamon Ringneck and has been told that he is a male.
But he don't show any neck band as of now so I am doubtful if I am having an male or female.
Could anybody of you recognize it from the picture if its a male or female?

Thanks AAK.
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Re: Cinnamon Ringneck

Post by karalinda »

As per the law no bird from India can be kept as a pet. * Birds have the right to fly in the sky, and not be confined to cages. It is illegal to keep Indian parrots as pets in homes. It can land you in jail.Wild Indian ringnecks usually feast on a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds. They also enjoy the nectar from flowers and the flowers slope unblocked themselves. Some ringneck owners find that their bird will sort out and leave behind pellets if it's mixed with seeds. These birds seem picky about eating pellets.Of the ones mentioned above, Alexandrine parakeets, Rose-ringed parakeets and Plum-headed parakeets are the three most common species entangled in the net of illegal wildlife trade in India.
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