New to ringnecks

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New to ringnecks

Post by Eaglette »

Hello, I have googled but still don't fully understand..

What does opaline mean?

What does pallid mean?

What does cleartail mean?

What does pied mean?

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Re: New to ringnecks

Post by FeatheredNomad »

Hope this helps!

Opaline: Opaline is a genetic mutation that affects the feather colors in parrots. Parrots with the opaline mutation typically have softer and more pastel-like feather colors. In Indian Ringneck Parrots, this mutation can result in a softer, diluted appearance of their plumage, often with less contrast between the body color and the wing and tail feathers.

Pallid: Pallid is another genetic mutation that alters the coloration of parrots' feathers. In Indian Ringneck Parrots, the pallid mutation results in a paler and more muted coloration. The typical bright green of the parrot may be diluted to a lighter shade, and other colors can also be affected by this mutation.

Cleartail: Cleartail refers to a specific variation in the tail feathers of some parrot species, including Indian Ringneck Parrots. Parrots with cleartail mutations have tail feathers that lack the typical dark markings or pigmentation, resulting in a clearer or more translucent appearance in their tail feathers.

Pied: Pied is a term used to describe a color mutation in parrots where patches of white or another color replace some of the typical plumage color. In the context of Indian Ringneck Parrots, pied individuals may have white or lighter-colored patches on their otherwise green or colored plumage. The extent of pied markings can vary among individuals.
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