Unknown Genetics / Potential Mutations

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Unknown Genetics / Potential Mutations

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We don’t know the actual mutations of our feathered rascals bar from 1 who was a specific purchase. Our rescues are not for breeding and we have kept all our birds in seperate enclosures however we have been considering a very large outdoor enclosure and the possibility of breeding (not for profit) my grandparents were registered breeders who gave signification education and hands on guidance with our first two and we have hand raised rescue babies from 3 weeks old.

The 4 eldest of flock are now starting to show signs wanting to mate and I was just curious as to what possibilities for babies may occur if we let them procreate although I understand without knowing what the history is it may not be possible to tell but any assistance would be appreciated.

Yellow Female of unknown genetics

Male mystery blue??
Was sold to friend as a Buttercup ( cock CHF + hen some kind of blue split)

Male White (unknown history)

Female Green unknown history

[EDIT : technically challenged and can’t get photos to upload sorry]

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Re: Unknown Genetics / Potential Mutations

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Beautiful birds! Hopefully someone can dispel your doubts.
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