Any chance that my pair will breed this breeding season?

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Any chance that my pair will breed this breeding season?

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Hi All

About three weeks ago, I purchased a mature blue male and paired it with a mature creamino female (which I bred about 6 years ago, before having to relocate to another province in South Africa and not being to take all my beloved birds with me). I was advised by the breeder from whom I purchased the male that the male was between 3 and 4 years old.

The breeding season in South Africa begins in or around September and ends in or around November.

Prior to allowing the male into the female's cage, both birds displayed the usual mating/courtship behaviour as I placed the male into a cage which is adjacent to the female's. However, once I put the male into the female's cage, this ceased. The female was initially aggressive towards the male but her aggression has subsided. The female also spends a considerable amount of time in the nesting box and appears to be grinding the wood shavings as indian ringnecks do prior to laying eggs. The male shows no interest in the nesting box whatsoever.

After observing them (undercover) for quite a while over the past few days, the male somewhat excitedly climbs around the cage whenever the female emerges from the nesting box and this continues with him jumping from perch to perch and climbing (upside down) on the roof of the cage. I have not seen him do any mating/courtship dances. The female sometimes tilts her head backwards whenever the male is near her but there is no contact between the male and female at all. Both birds are also unusually loud.

Based on what I have stated above, I would like to know if there is any possibility of my pair breeding during this breeding season. Is it normal for the male to be completely ignore the existence of the nesting box? Are there any other signs that should look out for?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
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Re: Any chance that my pair will breed this breeding season?

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Hello Sershin,

It sounds like you've recently introduced a mature blue male Indian Ringneck to your mature creamino female, and you're wondering about the possibility of them breeding this season. You mentioned that the female spends time in the nesting box and displays pre-laying behavior, but the male seems disinterested in the nesting box.

First, it's important to give them some time to adjust to each other. The initial aggression from the female might have caused the male to be cautious. It is not uncommon for new pairs to take time to bond and become comfortable with each other.

Regarding the male's disinterest in the nesting box, it could be due to his unfamiliarity with the new environment or the female. If they haven't bonded completely, he may not feel the urge to participate in the nesting process. The female tilting her head backward is a sign of her being receptive to mating, but if the male isn't responding, it could be that they need more time to establish a bond.

To increase the chances of successful breeding, make sure the pair has an appropriate diet, a stress-free environment, and enough privacy. Additionally, you could try providing them with some visual barriers between their cage and the surrounding area to make them feel more secure.

It's difficult to predict if they will breed this season, as it largely depends on the strength of their bond and their comfort levels. Keep an eye on their behavior and interactions, and be patient as they continue to adjust to each other.

Best of luck with your birds, and I hope this information is helpful.

Kind regards,

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