Just hanging out...

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Just hanging out...

Post by Mikaela »

Does your bird have a place where it *always* perches when he or she is just 'hanging out'?

Is that place also their sleeping spot?

Is it the highest perch in the cage?

I ask these questions for a reason, as odd as some of them sound. Its all in the name of research. Noone else seems to be doing any so its up to us :!:
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Post by Dani03 »

Is that place also their sleeping spot?

Yep...she sleeps there every night

Is it the highest perch in the cage?

It's not a perch...but the top of her swing...silly girl

xo Missi
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Post by xo Missi »

Is that place also their sleeping spot?


Is it the highest perch in the cage?

Yes! In the upper right corner of the cage (when he's in there)

Otherwise, when we have him out, his favourite spot is where ever the food is! Oooor the highest spot on our bodies (shoulders are off limits for now)
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Post by Bird crazy »

What they said, except Nila only goes there for a nap, the rest of the time he's playing and running around the play gym or his cage or on me, but if he wants a nap he always goes to the perch at the top of the cage where he sleeps at night.

Sue and Nila
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Post by iaowings »

George has a sleep spot that is the heist perch in the cage, he only sleeps there naps and bed time that’s it. he will not sleep any other place except on my chest and shoulder.

I never see him in his sleep spot when he is awake, but than he is always running around playing wit the tiels, he also likes to play with his toys on top of his cage he also perches up there. When I am not home I do not know what he does in his cage.

When he hangs out just to hand out it is usually on the door to his cage. He preens and sings up there.
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Post by Aves »

Outsite of "wherever she is not supposed to be" she likes to be really high up. We joke and call her our "monkey", she started making these noises that sound like monkey noises and even better she climbs like one. She likes to climb the drapes and sit on top of the curtain rod in the living room best (highest point of view in the room). I tried to get her to stop at first (cleaning bird poop off the back of the drapes has its drawbacks), but she's so happy there I let her get away with it most of the time...
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Post by lutino »

Lutino is out for most of the day and has a play area in my room that he/she sticks to. At night time i always put him/her back into the cage where he/she sleeps on the top perch
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Post by Lauren »

Jibbys got a fave spot. Hugging the wall ontop of the curtains railings making himself all snugg in the corner. I have had to put paper below the blinds because he poops in the same spot, right behind the tv! This is his nap spot and escape from Yoda spot. (Yoda can't get up there if the blinds are shut.) At night time he will change his 'spot' in his cage, every couple of days. Usually on his 'boing rope' or the highest perch closest to the wall. Usually close to his bell. Oh and also makes regular trips to see his bell to kiss and feed it before bed then back to his sleepy spot. :shock:
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Post by Klaatu »

8) Klaatu hangs out on the highest perch during the day but hangs in the front corner of his cage all night. (Directly over his food dish)
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Re: Just hanging out...

Post by SkyeBerry »

Click on 'Board Index' near the top right corner then look for the 'IRN Lounge.' :)
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Re: Just hanging out...

Post by Noradavis »

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