Please help!

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Please help!

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About 5-6 weeks ago I adopted an IRN. She came from a family who didn’t know much about her. We believe her to be approximately 2 years old. She prefers females to males. She has always been happy to come on my shoulder and be with me. But for the last week or so, overnight her behavior changed. She’s become aggressive, lunges and bites. I’m really worried about her. Can anyone possibly explain the sudden change in behavior? Could this be bluffing? Although I thought maybe she’s a bit too old for it? But again, we are not so sure. I’m trying to find an avian vet, but there’s one I know of but their books are closed. So any help, love and advice would be greatly appreciated! I love my girl so much, but I’m scared of her biting behavior.
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Re: Please help!

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It could be hormones the sudden onset would be very unsettling soon maybe next year she will lay eggs the first one or two she might eat be careful about the diet no carbs, no sugar, no starch check out the IRN pages for more details,
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