IRN’s Behavior After Removing Babies

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IRN’s Behavior After Removing Babies

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I need someone to clarify and give me clues about what could’ve happened to my male ringneck. My story starts right here: I was gifted a pair of indian ringnecks (male(green)/female(yellow)) and it took them five years to finally mate and have their first 3 babies (all of them been males), at that first time I thought that it was kind from myself to leave the babies with them so they could have their own little family, but I was wrong, the male ringneck(father) killed 2 of the 3 babies when they where grown up and ready to mate (2 and a half years old). He left me with only one child that later on flew away because of a storm that passed where I live. 6 months went by and they started mating and had 3 babies again. This time I obviously removed the babies so the incident would’nt happen again. 4 days ago I removed 2 of the babies from the nest and left one inside with the mother because I had no one to take care from that one until Tuesday. On Tuesday I removed the last baby from the nest and today I found my male ringneck (father) dead inside the nest. Can someone explained to me what is happening, what should I need to modify in a future? PLEASE HELP.
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Post by AminaDurl »

I guess Im official now, I just sold my first babies.

:cry:, it was sad to put them in a bag and send them off to who-knows-where with who-knows-who

but..............................I got TWENTY BUCKSwhoo-HOoo
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Re: IRN’s Behavior After Removing Babies

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I know the feeling. After years of breeding ringnecks I had to stop. I couldn't bare to let them go year after year. :((

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