Soon to be IRN mom

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Soon to be IRN mom

Post by Bleedeelb »

Just adopted a 4 year old IRN she is 4 years old and was with her previous owner for 6 months. And her last owner since she was weened. All I know is the first mom didn't bond with her and rehomed her. The last owners roommate did not like the IRN and would keep her covered. We will be bringing her home in a couple weeks. Anyone have insight on what to expect? We have a male GCC. Pretty sure we have a Long road ahead of us.
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Re: Soon to be IRN mom

Post by BirbMom »

Hi! I have a lil experience, females from what I know that one sounds will be very skittish and may have aversion to humans or human gender, depending on gender of person who disliked her. I would say keep her quarantined at first and try to bond by giving treats and being near her. Females are said to come around on their own unless she was mistreated. Then they may shut down forever. She may be a look but don’t touch kind. Let us know, good luck. 🍀👍🏼 🙂
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Re: Soon to be IRN mom

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Welcome to our forum! :D

Sounds like you will indeed have a long road ahead. I had two ringneck females and they are so AMAZING! Such loyal deep bonds were formed with me. I would look into positive reinforcement. Take baby steps and just know each day that you build your relationship with your bird is a rewarding and loving journey!

I look forward to hearing about your bird's journey! :ymhug:

Best wishes,

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