My 3 week old IRN!! Question on gender..

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My 3 week old IRN!! Question on gender..

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Hey guys, I’m new here and also new to owning and INR as of 2 days ago :)

I live in Dubai and there are many breeders here. I eventually found one that seemed the most trustworthy and also met my INR’s parents too which was great!

He had 3 baby chicks available between 2-3 weeks old but obviously didn’t know the gender of any of them. I was really after a male but of course had to just pick one and hope for the best. I’ve named him Kenny (yes, after Kenny from South Park!!) all is well and he’s settled in nicely and eats very well. Okay so onto my question, I picked Kenny because I read that the males are usually smaller and have smaller feet, but that could just be to him hatching last and being a few days younger than the others - I know. I know it’s near impossible to tell but I have a few pictures and wanted to see if any experts here could tell the gender from the shape of my INRs head etc. if it’s a female it’s fine, I will love and take care of her either way but any help would be greatly appreciated! The pictures with the pink circles are the bird I picked out of the 3. I have a feeling that the male is the one on the bottom right as his head is more bulkier and not as round as mine but I read this after I had already got my INR so didn’t pick that one. Anyway, pics are below along with some nice ones of him at home! Thanks again everyone and look forward to hearing back! :))

photo_2022-03-08_11-30-05 (1).jpeg
photo_2022-03-08_11-30-05 (2).jpeg
photo_2022-03-08_11-30-05 (3).jpeg
photo_2022-03-08_11-30-05 (4).jpeg
photo_2022-03-08_11-30-05 (5).jpeg
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