My new babies . . .

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My new babies . . .

Post by wrynsmom » Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:45 pm

Hi there! I just signed up on here April 15 . . . the day I picked up two 2month old IRNs. When we picked them up, they ran to the back of the cage, hissing and striking at us. (Not biting, though) So, they've been with us for three days, now. Today, at different times, they each came to the front of their cages wanting out! Beautiful little "step ups." My baby Fiona stayed on my hand for 15 minutes without trying to fly off. She preened my hair for awhile and gave a few kisses. My daughter's baby Columbus (the little explorer) loves her the best. He'll stay with her for endless amounts of time and snuggle . . . SNUGGLE! It's really cute. And difficult for me to believe. Until now, our only snuggly bird has been my Meyers parrot Vango!

Anyway, just thought I'd share how wonderfully these babies are adjusting. Enjoy the weekend!

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Post by U.S Marine » Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:36 pm

Some people say Indian Ring necks make
nasty pets, Some say they are harmless
as a fly. :? :shock:

Cool. 8)

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