Ruffle's First Nail Trim

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Ruffle's First Nail Trim

Post by inept » Fri May 30, 2008 6:14 pm

Ruffle is now approximately 4 months old and his nails, well they had become scythe blades. I was content to let them grow on for just as long as Ruffle was, but it was really beginning to hurt when he crawled on me so I decided to give clipping a try.

He fought beak and nail, and he was scared poopless, but we managed. This was a two person job.

Ruffle does not really like having his feet touched and he cannot sit still for a second so I had to towel him and it broke my heart. He fought and fought and fought. Tenacious little sucker probably knew exactly what I was trying to do. He escaped from the towel numerous times, only to to get toweled again and again. When we finally got all eight of his little nails and let him out he was strangely serene about the whole thing.

One Nutriberry later and the clipping incident has apparently been forgiven.

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Post by Lauren » Fri May 30, 2008 6:53 pm

:lol: Aww poor bubby! Funny how they turn from velosiraptor to all is forgiven when the ordeal is over.
Yoda did the 'bite to kill' when I clipped his wings, he was so calm when I had the towel over his head though, most birds are calm when you cover their head, letting them breath of course, but as soon as his head popped out and he got a glimpse of my hand, he was all kill kill kill!
Jibby just thought it was a game and was jumping around and talking enthusiastically to Yoda like it was the funniest thing to him. Jibby seems to get overly excited when I am holding Yoda in a towel for some reason and he gets in the way!
All was forgiven in the end, oh except for the most evil 'Im going to kill you' look Yoda gave my mum who was helping. :wink:
I dont think it was the towelling he hated, because now if I towel him, he acts like hes dead!
I hate toweling them and if I cant do it in one shot, I'll leave it for a while to let them settle down, instead of stressing them out for longer periods while I run around chasing them with a towel untill we all get puffed out. :roll:
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Re: Ruffle's First Nail Trim

Post by DEEDEE » Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:57 pm

Ha Ha I can relate to this post, I have double the trouble, George & Mildred don't like having their wings clipped either. George bites his nails (forever got his foot in his beak) but not mildred. When I have had her in the Towel when its opened she stands there and looks at me as if to say --- right try it again now if you dare. Not likley she's in a mood.

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Re: Ruffle's First Nail Trim

Post by xx_sheena_xx » Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:23 pm

I have clipped my IRN's toe nails before and it was really strange, there both averie birds, never been tame at all and when they were in the towel they were letting me pat them!

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