the things you see when you dont have a camera

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the things you see when you dont have a camera

Post by bec » Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:48 am

id just got home from catching up with a friend for lunch and as usual went strait to say hello to the fids and give them a treat as i entered the room i saw kieron was in his normal spot on the coil rope ready to take flight if i looked at him sideways but riku was in her normal spot for me just getting home (on the perch nearest the door with her mouth open :lol: )she was on the curtain her claws were clutching the top with just up to her eyes above the curtain as soon as i noticed her she lowered herself down behind the curtain with a smug look as if to say "ha ha you cant see me now!!!"
it might have been more effective if she didnt try this with the lace curtain
so i pulled out the treat bag and asked her if she wanted a nani chip (dried banana) and she popped her head out asnd then flew down to get her treat boy i wish i had a vidoe camera she looked so cute

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