A little goes a long way...

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A little goes a long way...

Post by midnightflight » Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:04 am

So after the usual teething problems, lots of patience and time with my Rookie I thought I would share a few neat things that he is doing.

My little monster now refuses to get back in his cage, racing up my arm and trying to get on my shoulder, where he has discoverd (to my great and utter joy) that moles, earrings and hair are great to nibble.

Rookie loves his trick training sessions, he can do the turn around, spinning like a little fluffy top and he will also shake my finger. Anything for an almond lol

Today he decided that he wasn't having a bit of entertaining himself, not when he had his own personal playgym on hand. Everytime I put my hand in the cage he would make a mad rush and scramble to get onto my hand, THEN he discovered that if the door was open he could climb out and then launch onto my head.

His begging for treats is constant, he stands in his cage swaying from side to side! My husband has started saying to him "Oh no you didn't"

Now I know that I was just being impatient with him, and now hopefully I have a great friend for life!

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Re: A little goes a long way...

Post by ellieelectrons » Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:15 am

That's so lovely to hear. Well done!


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