New Indian ringneck Help with training please

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New Indian ringneck Help with training please

Post by kelly394 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:56 pm

[quote][/quote]Hi i think i should start from the beginning to give a clear picture and hopefully someone can HELP me.
I just baught a Indian ringneck (female) i got her from a lady whom was advertising her online. I went to collect
her and knew that i was letting myself in for a tough ride . She was living with other birds had no desire to communicate with human at all. She has been out of cage transferred with a net both into cage and out by previous
owner .Currently if i go too near the cage the bird Will move as far away as possible if i put my hand in the cage she starts flapping about. I been and baught her some toys ect as there was not much in the cage.
Now i need help lol besides people telling me i made a huge mistake please help.
Im not expecting miracles i am in this for the long ride i would like to get her somewhat tame .THanks x

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Re: New Indian ringneck Help with training please

Post by SkyAndSnow » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:57 am

You'll need patience. There are lots of information here on the Taming section of the forums. I have 2 IRN's. My girl is very affectionate from the start. My boy, on the other hand, flapped his wings and ran away from me the first month I got him home. But with patience, he doesn't do that anymore. You might also find out that your bird is not as affectionate as you would like. Birds have different personalities. My boy doesn't like to be held much. What he likes to do though is to sit on my knee and talk all day. He likes to have all sorts of conversations with you. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don't. LOL. But that's what he enjoys. My girl is different. She likes lots of cuddling and kissing.

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