Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself

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Good afternoon everybody!

I am an unexpected newby Ringneck owner.

My daughter called us out to the back deck on Friday last week and a beautiful green bird was sitting on our BBQ. As soon as my husband and I walked out the bird flew to the back of a deck chair closest to us.
My husband suggested to our daughter that maybe it may eat out of her hand. He went inside, grabbed a little bread and walked out. As soon as he walked out the back door our little visitor flew straight onto his shoulder!!

I told my husband to bring him inside as hebwas definitely not a wild bird. I borrowed a cage from a friend.

We have posted everywhere trying to find the owner! Facebook groups, vets, lost animal sites everything. I took him to the vet for a check up and to see if he was microchipped. No luck on all fronts. However i did find out he is a little boy and less than and no more than a year old.

So in the meantime I have grown extremely attached to this little green beauty! My daughter has named him Emerald. "Em" for short since we found out he is a boy.

I went out and bought a proper sized cage and all the fixings.

Even though on the first 2 days he didn't bite and loved any affection now he is adjusting and has started to bite.

I have lived so much on google and majority of questions i have asked have landed me here, so i decided to join because this little guy has now been adopted by my family!!

I have an appointment next week where "Em" will be microchipped and his wings will be clipped. I have discovered his weak spot is peanut butter and it has been working as a small treat to train him and praise him not to bite.

I can't wait to meet everyone and learn everything there is to know about my lil feathered child. :x
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