Hi Floyd

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Hi Floyd

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Hiya everyone!
New to the forum. I'm Belinda and I'm finding my way with Floyd.
I don't know how long I'll have my IRN, as I found him on the road near my house, and yes I am looking for his humans.
We've only been acquainted since the 16th November 2017, so we're getting there.
He's easy to hop up on my hand and gives kisses when asked to. Doesn't bite too hard either.
Though he almost made off with my toast this morning instead of his nectarine.

I was worried about how my 2 cats would go with him in the house, but so far so good. They've already gotten calm enough around him to be on the top of the lounge together. Though I would never leave them together unsupervised.
In a way I really want him to be reunited with his people because they must be missing him terribly, but I'm attached; he owns a piece of my heart.
Will continue reading the forums.
Thanks for all the information!!
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