Introducing MtF indian ringneck.

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Introducing MtF indian ringneck.

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I have had may birds through my life and recently adopted a gorgeous blue Indian ringneck, she 2 and very cuddely and settled in very quickly, she is very noisey and screeches like a car alarm, this is why her old owners re homed her/Jewel. As I purchased the largest cage I could find and have it in the lounge I thought if I adopted a male it might settle down her noise level. (it has not worked any advice on quietening her down? it is to get attention and time out of her cage)

My Male/Bowie is hand shy but will step up and give many kisses when he feels comfortable, he took a little longer to settle in as his last family raised him from 4 weeks, he is a talker and we love him a lot, he is not into tickles and is just now allowing my son to touch him with one finger. He is happy siting on your shoulder and having 1 on 1 time.

The introduction went well, but now I have a problem I can not touch Bowie as Jewel gets jealous and attacks him, Bowie bonded well with my 12y.o son so both birds are getting lots of attention, the biggest problem is she chases him when I put fresh food in the cage making it difficult for him to eat, I have 3 bowls of food, one seed and pellets, one fruit and veg, one for warm meals like peas and corn or cooked potatoes.

I have rearranged the cage to create a new space and cleaned it well, I put them in separate cages outside on sunny days with lots of food, I was actually hoping to Get a breeding pair, he has attempted to make friends when she is very relaxed getting cuddles but she is not interested in him at all.
Any advice or help from more experienced IRN owners on helping birds bond? I have never had this problem with other birds. Are they very difficult to pair? TIA Luella
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