multiple ringneck question

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multiple ringneck question

Post by ozielv3la » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:07 pm

hello my name is ivan and I've had "charlie" my african ringneck for almost a year now and i have made huge strides with this bird. I remember when i first rescued him from a friend of a friends Auto repair garage, i couldnt even walk near or even look at charlie without him freaking out in the cage. now he is well behaved and likes to play. I have recently rescued a mating pair of ringneck from an aviary adoption center because charlie is alone at home for too long. I need some help introducing this new pair of ringneck to my home. I want to do it right and make sure i make a good introduction for charlie so that they all get along. I need help trying to figure out how i should house them, go about training them since ill have 3 now and pretty much all the basics. I just want to make sure they all get along. charlie is a green african male, and the new pair are indian, green and male/female. I have about a week before i have to bring them home. please help. thanks

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