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New member South Africa

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Thank you for adding me to this uselful forum. I am a brand new owner of our first IRN. He flew onto our lives about 2 weeks ago and after posting him lost on our local residence website, no one claimed him but many wanted him, so we decided to give him a home ourselves as we knew we could give him a loving home. This forum was very helpful in learning what was safe for him to eat and what not. He has a very healthy appetite and started talking after only 3 days. We are also very fortunate to have a couple who breeds with parrots, live close by who assisted us with advise and a cage. We are very sad for whoever lost their pet, but love having this little fella in our lives. Our kids all flew the coupe in the last 2 years so this little chap is a welcome addition to our home. We have called him Kokkewiet and look forward to sharing our experiences and reading about others. We obviously have no history on our little fellow and have no idea how old he is, but learning that they can get up to 30 years old, we looking forward to many years of joy Kokkewiet will bring us.
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