Im getting my first IRN.

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Im getting my first IRN.

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Hi. I'm soon to get my first Ringneck. My friends call me Karn. I've had several birds over many years. I started with a Cockatiel named Jerry. Fantastic little guy. Then a few years later got an albino Cockatiel named Dexter. He was pretty funny. A Green Cheeked Conure called Cheeky. A Blue Quaker. Ducky for my wife. And most recently a Moustache Parrot. Rosie.
Unfortunately as time goes by many of my feathered kids have cross the Rainbow Bridge. The I lost Rosie in January this year. She was extra special to me and her loss was terrible to endure. Not only for myself but my wife and Ducky the Quaker were all deeply in love with her.
I couldn't just bring myself to replace her. I needed time before I was ready to invest time and emotion with a new feathered friend.
Originally I wanted to get another Moustache Parrot. Searched for some breeders. Spoke to people who had purchased from them. But with time I have decided not to get a Moustache Parrot because while I am sure the new bird will be just wonderful I don't think it is fair to have a new bird to substitute an old. Instead I am getting a new bird and a new breed so it can be itself without being compaired to another bird.
I'm thinking a female. The Quaker is male and gets pretty territorial but he definitely has a soft spot for the ladies. So I'm thinking that will probably be an easier way to proceed.
I have always served lots of fruit and veg. Pellets and variety of seeds. I'm guessing Ringnecks can handle that.
I intend to train on both the harness and clicker training. But I dont think I can stomach training for free flight.
If anyone has website or YouTube videos you think I should check out please feel free to share with me.
I want to know as much as possible about IRN's beforehand. Good and bad. Toys. Behavioral problems. Health concerns etc.
I look forward to sharing my bird with you. Stay tuned for a Facebook page to follow.

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