Difficult weaning ringneck parrot

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Difficult weaning ringneck parrot

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Hey everyone.. I really hope someone can help me with this.

I bought a baby ring neck of 3 weeks.. I handfed him 4 times a day formula.. on the 5th week I made his formula thicker and fed him 3 times. Everything was perfect till week 8.. he started to refuse his formula or just tasted it and went back playing in his cage..

I know that his weaning period has started and he should wean.. but I somehow can not get him to eat.. i soaked his pellets in water not too wet but also not too hard for him to chew..
I tried on veggies but it seems like he gets bored chewing or is he in his bluffing period?
He takes 2 or 3 pellets and leaves it.. He waits till I feed him with syringe.. what I do now is I soak his pellets and blend it till good mash.. he does take it with syringe but 15 ml syringe a day.. he is 13 weeks now and very active.. he doesn't make much sound but when he does he makes sure I hear it anywhere around the house.. no he is not sick.. we went to the vet all the lab reports were perfect.

What can I do make my baby bird eat? I was thinking to buy a mate for him who can eat all them self..

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