Help socialising my ringneck

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Help socialising my ringneck

Post by Patsy1967 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:44 pm

Hi I purchased a ringneck about 6 weeks ago from the local garden centre, I was looking for either a ringneck or Quaker but intended buying a hand reared baby, but when I spotted this young bird she looked so depressed I brought her home. The store said she was around 9 months old and they were almost definite she was female so we call her hope. We brought her a huge cage with toys and she is in the living room with us all the time , it took her about two weeks to move off her perch and only just has started playing with her toys. She will now come to the front of her cage when I talk to her ( sometimes she just turns her back so I leave her lol) I've read a lot about ringnecks and have kept birds before so I'm not a complete novice. She's just started talking and now says hello clearly but is trying other words and noises, she loves watching you tube . But she still won't let us handle her sometimes lately she allows us to stroke her belly for a second but that's it, I haven't let her out the cage yet but she's started pacing her cage and I feel she would like to come out now, but firstly I don't want to scare her and secondly I'm worried I won't be able to catch her to put her back , her cage can open from the top and it has a perch there , any tips on giving her more freedom without scaring her. Many thanks

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