Will be picking up my new baby soon!

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Will be picking up my new baby soon!

Post by nicolem » Fri May 06, 2016 4:52 pm

I'm very excited to have found a green baby ringneck, whom I will be picking up at the end of this month when he's weaned! This will be my first time with an IRN; I grew up with parakeets and bought a baby senegal--Mango--as a teenager (who ended up bonding strongly with my dad, and still lives happily with my parents).

I'm looking forward to having a bird again, and know that IRNs have a lot of energy. I'm also hoping he might be a bit of a talker, but time will tell there....Mango only imitates sounds but still manages to be hilarious :) I have a nice large cage for my IRN and plan on keeping him flighted (although only out of the cage when supervised!). I found this forum because I wanted to educate myself more on behavioral training. As much as my dad has a good relationship with Mango, he is really the only person Mango will tolerate. While I know parrots tend to bond strongly with one person regardless (and this will be somewhat difficult as I live alone), I do want to do my best to keep my little IRN socialized and friendly with other people. :)

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