Hi Im new

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Hi Im new

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Hi my name is Casey and I have 2 ring necks at the moment. I have had them for less than a week, they are both hand raised from a breeder. They are 9 weeks old and DNA sexed.

The girl I have called her Amelia and she is a 'sky blue CH/CT' (no idea what that means *can someone tell me* thats what the breeder told me)

The boy I have called him Jack and he is a 'violet lacewing' (again no idea so meaning would be helpful)

The breeder sent them from the other side of the country so i didn't get to see anything in person, my question is when should I start taking them out from the cage? I got told they have to stay in the cage for a few days?

Also they dont eat fruit, they eat the pellets but just ignore the fruit so is it bad if they dont eat fruit.
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