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Hi guys!

I am a soon to be new IRN owner! I am driving an hour out of town to meet the babies tomorrow, and if all goes well and I click with one, i'll be picking him/her up this weekend, after the babies have had their pre-adoption wellness check at their regular vet :) They are 9 weeks old and on 2 formula feeds a day, although their breeder said that they are refusing most of their morning feed and opting for fruits, veggies, seeds and pellets, so that's awesome!

I have quite a varied flock and decided it's time to add a new fid. I currently have...
3 cockatiels: odie, luna and zoe
1 green cheek conure: bandit
1 rainbow lorikeet: oscar

I bought a large cage from my town's buy/swap/sell page recently and after giving it a thorough scrubbing, it's ready for an occupant! It's depressing seeing it sitting there empty lol!

So I figured this was probably one of the best places to join for IRN info. I have done a bunch of research and I feel that I am well prepared for the new baby, but it's nice to have somewhere to ask questions where i'll get a hands on answer from fellow parronts.

So.. Hi! I will post pictures of the baby once he/she is here!
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