breeding irns


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breeding irns

Post by julies » Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:14 am

Hi all
Okay new to breeding irn before i start iwould just like to say that this site is wonderful.
ok i have one pair of irn green hen yellow cock, now female is very agrressive with male have clipped her wings as advised by other website,
now male tries to woo her but she only lets him some times (when she feels like it) she will let him feed her sometimes, male does all the dancing and wooing that everyone says they do, do ihave anychance off her mating with him I hope cos i realy want a baby,
by the way she is over 2 years and was advised that he is ready to breed this season, am i right in knowing that breeding season is sept to jan in nsw australia,
any responds to my findings would be greatly welcomed

thanks all


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Post by Jeremy » Mon Sep 26, 2005 10:39 pm

Here in Oz, breeding season is usually about June-October but can also vary between birds. Your pair still may breed, most of my Hens are like that, they only like to be fed every now and again and are pretty aggressive towards the Cocks but that has all changed over the past few weeks, now all my pairs are sitting on eggs and the hens only comes out of the nest box so the cocks can feed them

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