Indian Ringneck


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Indian Ringneck

Post by colettec2000 » Wed Aug 10, 2005 1:35 pm

Hey Everyone,
I'm going to be selling my ringneck. That Grey we got takes alot of time and energy. I don't want Nikki going wild, so I would rather find him a good home. I have him, his cage, and his playgym all for 250.00. Take what you want or take it all. I won't ship. Must pick up. I am willing to meet somewhere if it isn't too far. I live in Pa. I hate to do it, but his health and welfare are more important to me. He is great with anybody and everybody. Plus I think we are going to be moving and I can't take two birds. The place we have in mind only allows one. I have to sell my dog too. He is a sheltie. And let's face it, The Grey cost a whole lot more than the dog or Nikki put together. If anyone can help me, please let me know. e-mail me.
Thanks, :cry: