Hi Breeders,my birds wont eat, need a little help please :)


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Hi Breeders,my birds wont eat, need a little help please :)

Post by blueice » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:20 pm

Hi I'm Ryan. I'm from Trinidad In the Caribbean.
I bought 2 IRN's from a pet store, the pet store guy got it from a breeder. He said they were never hand feed, and taken from their mom's care. Both have different parents.
I named them Lemon and Lime. I introduced myself on the intro forum and i was guided to come to the breeders section for some help.
So after having a hard time understanding these IRN's i eventually got them to perch, and get to touch them, they are playing with each other, basically they are comfortable at my house.

I'm not sure of the ages, but i was told when i got them they both here 5.5 weeks, so now they would be 6.5 weeks.
I'm currently "trying" to feed them formula from the petstore, but they don't like it at all.
They are really happy with sun flower seeds, they are cracking them and eating them.
The green (lime) taking the formula, he simply bites the glove stays one place and i can put the syringe and inject the the formula at a good rate, so i know he is getting the nutrients (but m force feeding you can say, but not forcing).
The yellow (lemon), i can hold, comes on my hand my shoulder, really manageable, but doesn't open up to get the formula, he/she doenst want it at all!
I'm concerned letting them have sun flower seeds is not enough for them. I've tried leaving fruits, vegetables, pasta, everything ive read online, they wont touch it.

They are skinny and not like others i see on the net

Thanks, a lot of anyone's help
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Ryan R.

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Re: Hi Breeders,my birds wont eat, need a little help please

Post by Princess Yuz » Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:13 am

At this age they should start to eat a couple of seeds. But they should still be on formula. Pet stores are not reliable places to buy your birds from.they are often sick or have a disease. Go to your vet for a health check up and try changing the formula

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