Emergency - No idea what to do..

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Emergency - No idea what to do..

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Hi guys!
I have a very serious problem with my ringneck..
I have ringneck since 3 weeks time, she did not have a cage at first she had her own room and a stand etc,
Due to moving out i had to get her a cage, since i got her a cage she is very annoying! she is biting me very bad!
We had a really bad day today, so bad that i shook her off of my shoulders as she bit me so hard i could not get her off with my hands!
I think she is scared of me after today as we really did not get on well.. she keeps on biting me, beak marks everywhere, blood is everywhere too..
i dont really know what to do, before the cage showed p i could control her and she didnt bite..
Maybe i should leave her in peace for few days to get use to the new cage?
do you think i will be able to gain her trust back?
Im really worried..

Thank you!
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