$951Wanted: Male Ringneck near Riverside Ca

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$951Wanted: Male Ringneck near Riverside Ca

Post by Birdmin21 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:44 pm

Hey there I'm new to this $297 (any) forum and I'm looking for someone kind enough to lend or sell $7215 me a male IRN near Riverside county preferably blue, but I don't mind. I don't have much and at best can only offer $250 to purchase your bird, I can offer $150 if u will be so kind enough to lend me your bird, or we can work out a deal with the babies (if they breed). I have a violet blue female who is just fired up and ready to breed with anything! (Well at least me). My understanding of what I've been reading all day today is that if I breed her with any blue alleles I should be able get at LEAST a 15% chance of getting at LEAST one violet blue, I know my "guess" is wrong and it's actually 15% of males and 15% of females and what not but I'm saying at LEAST one and that's a good enough number for me. I'm sure, well hope at least there will be more than one and if there is depending on how we get along I may include one into the deal just for being a pal.. PS. If u have a violet male who would be kind enough to lend me I'll be willing to split the babies half and half if not more.. $Message me for more details and info.
PSS. I'm willing to go out personal information when face to face and doing the deal + valuables as colateral to ensure a trusting partnership.

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