How much pellets/seeds per day?

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How much pellets/seeds per day?

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Hi All - new IRN owner here!

Looking for feedback on how much pellets/seeds should I be putting into the bowls and for how long?

I have read on forums these two points:

1. Always have seed/pellets (mainly pellets but let's not get into that discussion here) available to your IRN throughout the day
2. Always replace your IRN's food with fresh food daily.

The problem is, I come home sometimes and there is still A LOT of seed/pellets left so I end up throwing away a bunch of food. My initial thought is to cut down on the amount of seed/pellets I put in the bowl. OR, the second thought is to keep overfilling her bowl and leave the food in there for 2-3 days making sure there's no mold or poop in the food bowl.

She eats a lot of the stuff I eat when I get home - fruits and veggies - so that's why she sometimes doesn't have as big of an appetite for seeds/pellets it seems.

*Note* when I got Powder - a 2 month old IRN who eats very well - the local store owner mixed me a bag of seeds with pellets so I'm going to use that until it is done.
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