Help figuring out possible breeding mutations

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Help figuring out possible breeding mutations

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I currently have 4 IRN. At this stage i dont know any sexs. But would like to research possible outcomes. It can be quite confusing trying to just search for answers sometimes.

I have a Lutino and a Green which are siblings that can obveously not be paired. Unknown parents.

I also have a violet (was told DF Violet but im unsure of that), parents were Blue Father, unsure of mother.

And a blue, parents were Green Father & Blue Mother.

Wondering if someone can help me out with the results of these possible parings.

Lutino & Blue
Lutino & Violet

Green & Blue
Green & Violet

(Im currently trying to contact breeder to find out parents of the pairs that are unknown, i know it makes a huge diffrence in the outcomes)
Thankyou. Kalei Farms™ :)
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