Please help ID this mutation

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Please help ID this mutation

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I have not been able to get anyone to offer a consise answer on this bird's mutation -
any ideasImage
I was told that he may be a Lutino pied - as he has red eyes and pink ring with all yellow except the splotches of green but they said it was a guess as they had never seen an IRN like him

He was purchased with this Hen who I think is a cinnamon blue - but also would like to have feedback on her - she is very light blue with alot of beige/golden hues across body She is not even close to the same blue as my other two blue IRNS they are bright
the person we purchased from was calling them Yellow and blue - had no idea what mutations he had in reality
They no longer are paired as they didn't like each other what so ever - He is with my Blue hen and she is with my blue cock
here are my other two IRNs

Please advise and guess if that is all you got :D THANK YOU!
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