IRN Breeding colours and genetics

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IRN Breeding colours and genetics

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Hi everyone,

I've been a longtime observer of this forum and everyone is so knowledgeable I hope you'll be able to help me :-bd
(I think i put this in the wrong forum before)

I have a 5 year old half handraised half aviary lutino hen. We took her and her sister out of the nest at 3 weeks because their sibling got crushed by the mother and the other sister got a splayed leg. They act like handraised birds around people but live in an aviary setting.

I have tried and tried to understand genetics but can't quite wrap my head around it. My lutino hen has green parents so i am assuming the dad is split lutino (?). Her sister is albino if that changes anything. Does that make my lutino hen split green?

I guess my main question is we are considering breeding the lutino and are wondering the best colour cock bird to get her to have the best chance of either a variety of colours or at least not mostly green babies? Does anyone have any suggestions? We have the potential of matching her with an olive. What would this produce?
She also is living in a cage with galahs atm as she has within the last year decided that fighting with her sister and her mother (through thick cage mesh even) is the best idea ever :roll:
We havent been able to trial her with a male to see how she reacts but is she going to be able to breed given her fiesty nature with other female ringnecks and handreared history?

Also wondering if her sister, the albino, can breed and raise young with a splayed leg? If so what colour cock bird would be best for her?

So sorry for the mountainload of questions but any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!!! :D
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