Violet pallid or violet pallidino


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Violet pallid or violet pallidino

Post by angeldc77 » Tue May 16, 2017 7:53 pm

Violet pallid or violet pallidino? Hello everyone!! It's been years since I've posted anything as the recession here in the US forced me to move many times and sell off my birds. I have acquired a a few young pairs: blue/ino male with blue hen, violet male with blue pallid hen, and a pallid male with an albino hen. The latter pair was the only one that laid for me this season as they are all young pairs. She laid 4 eggs with three being clear and one fertile which she hatched. Nice surprise was that it turns out the albino is masking violet :) It's late in the season and already into the 90s here in FL so mom started molting and stopped feeding so I had to pull the chick for hand feeding 4x day. So the question remains do you guys think it's a pallid hen or a pallidino male. .......Does anyone have a pic of an adult violet pallidino?
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