Teaching to Wean my baby Moustached Parakeet.


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Teaching to Wean my baby Moustached Parakeet.

Post by RingNecked » Fri May 13, 2016 12:16 pm

So, I rescued this adorable little moustached parakeet and who is now 48 days old or almost 7 weeks old. And I have been handfeeding him, the baby bird formula, with the help of a syringe. I have reduced the times of feeding to 3 times daily now. He has fledged and can fly real high. I take him out of the cage and let him fly around the room. I set up his cage with 3 food bowls and 1 water bowl. I have given him sunflower seeds and paddy rice. I offer him fresh foods like fruits and veggies but he doesnt eat them. He just chews them for a little while and neglects them completely. So, how do I teach him to eat on its own?
So, please help me with the situation here....
Thanks in advance! :D

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