new mama to an abused moustached parakeet... help any1?


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new mama to an abused moustached parakeet... help any1?

Post by evaleen » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:14 pm

umm... is it just me, or doz this part of the forum seem almost dead? :cry:

i'm waiting (rather impatiently) for my (2nd) IRN. i'm gonna get it after 5moths.
my best fried knows that i love birds, ad since i couldn't get an IRN now, she got me a moustache parakeet as a surprise gift.
(yaaaaaaaaaaaay!) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

but this bird is 2years old and EXTREMELY abused. (it previously belonged to one of her relatives. we had gone there for a visit oce, and she remembered me almost crying :cry: - because the bird was treated with such cruelty. so when her relative was moving houses, she bought it off them and presented it to me.)

i'v done my research, and most places tell that these birds dont socialise well if they weren't hand reared or if they were not handled at all before the age of 1. :cry: what should i do? the bird is stupid-scared of everyone and everything! :(
all it takes is for someone to just walk past its cage, and it starts flapping and running around like its tail is on fire!
it also hits the cage bar pretty hard as it dose, so i'm even more worried that it may get injured from its fright of humans. :|
its been on a seed diet with occasional fruits. and before it came to my best friend's relative, it was in a pet store. (FYI, the pet stores in our parts are horrible to its birds, and most of the time,they catch these birds straight from the wild :evil: )

i'm worried and at a loss of how to tame it.... please help. is anyone out there with a MP too? :!: :(

p.s, its a beautiful male. :)

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