Noisy 10 Week Old

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Noisy 10 Week Old

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and ringnecks (although I've had two budgies for a few months now :) ). I got Coco my blue ringneck from a specialist petshop just about two weeks ago.

Coco was a handraised 10wk baby who is still currently curvedspoonfed formula twice a day. He was an excited baby who bobbed when we first saw him (and the rest of the clutch was just sleeping all the way thru) and literally had no adjustment period in our home - he still seems more comfy outside with us than with his cage.

I made a mistake in the last two weeks of spoiling him and feeding him more than his usual feeding times because I was worried (he grew difficult to feed but still grew hungry). I understand my mistake and have been extensively reading since, and the petshop was not as fault here because I'm the bad mommy :/

From yesterday, he started this new habit of screaming (i want food scream), even after and before we fed him. Even when he is in or out of the cage, or sittin in our shoulder. Any possible cause? Even when he has our attention, he screams.

We've started ignoring him over the past two days, and his playtime is quickly diminishing, yet he doesn't seem to get the message? What to do :0

Also pet shop said no toys until he fully eats himself?
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