4 month old female IRN - bluffing?


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4 month old female IRN - bluffing?

Post by tinkerpale » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:00 pm

I bought a female Indian Ringneck from a breeder 4 days ago. She's a bit over 4 months old. She has been biting since our first day together. She wasn't interested in any treats I offered her during the first couple of days at all. During the past couple of days, she's been eating treats from my hand. I tried asking her to step up while using a treat before, but that only makes her want to bite. I'm trying to go at her own pace, so I just let her eat from my hands for now (all she will allow anyone to do). I leave her cage open, even though she prefers to stay in her cage. Also, she doesn't seem to be so interested in the smaller toy that's been in her cage. I considered switching it out, but she seems too scared of the other toys I got close to switching it out with. Do you guys suggest I continue to wait until she steps up on her own & then take her to play away from her cage when she'll let me?

I'm guessing the bluffing phase might start around 4 months old? How long does this phase usually last? I want to keep working with her as much as possible, so I'd appreciate any advice you guys want to share with me!

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