are African ringnecks harder to come by thank IRNs??


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are African ringnecks harder to come by thank IRNs??

Post by tubby » Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:12 pm

Although I have found some pretty good sites with alot of information on African Ringnecks I still havent seen alot of videos on them talking does anyone know if African Ringnecks have the same abilities of talking that IRNs and also are there any videos online that show them talking??

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Post by Fah » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:35 pm

To my knowledge African Ringneck's are identical in nature to their larger brother the Indian Ringneck, the only difference between the two is visually (africans are smaller (about 2" or so, with darker beaks). They have a much smaller body however, making their tails look longer than the Indians.

In regards to commonality, the Africans are less common in places like the USA, and quite rare here in Australia.

The reason? The Indian Ringneck is identical in nature, larger, and has far more variety in its mutations. (the only pure mutation known in the African Ringneck that is believed to not have come from the Indian Ringneck is Blue... and this is quite very rare to find).

Hybrids are generally what people find themselves with more than pure Africans, and side by side, Indians and Africans are suprisingly different visually side by side, but without the comparison, the beak colour is really all most can work with.

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