Imformation about African Ringneck


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Imformation about African Ringneck

Post by dinhthanh » Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:01 pm

African Ringnecks look very similar to their cousins the Indian Ringnecks. In fact, they look so similar that many untrained parrot enthusiasts find it difficult to differentiate between the two. Although similar, there are still differences.
Indian Ringnecks are a vibrant green whereas the African Ringnecks are lime green. mon ngon moi ngay
The black ring around the African Ringneck is more prominent than on the Indian Ringneck and much thicker toward the base of the beak. In addition, the African Ringneck’s black ring overshadows the signature rose-ring often seen in the Indian Ringneck. Unlike the Indian Ringneck who has a larger red beak, the African Ringneck has a smaller plum colored beak.
The final and more obvious differences are their size and tail length. African Ringnecks are about the size of a cockatiel and their tails are much longer in respect to their bodies than the Indian Ringneck. Like the Indian Ringneck, they too have yellow feathers that underline their tails and wings.
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Re: Imformation about African Ringneck

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Thank you dinhth

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