how to tame my ARN????

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how to tame my ARN????

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how to tame my ARN????
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Re: how to tame my ARN????

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Hello Juan,

You have to research positive reinforcement training as it is the best method in my opinion when training any animal, including parrots.

First things first, before you can begin the process you first have to condition the parrot to accept treats from your hand. To do this, you need to make a noise from your mouth or buy a clicker. When you are near the bird make the noise or click your clicker and offer a treat. Eventually, the bird will come to associate the click as something positive and will know a reward will follow. By doing this, you are creating a communicative bridge the parrot can understand. Once you know your parrot is conditioned to your clicks—it’s time to start a taming.

The next trick you should start with is target training. From the cage, let the bird touch the tip of a stick. Once he touches the tip or goes near it, click your clicker and offer a treat. Once the parrot knows to touch the tip of the stick—then start moving the stick around the cage until he starts to touch the tip anywhere on the cage.
Now use a dowel (perch) that the parrot can stand on that’s long enough that he’ll feel comfortable stepping up on. Take your target stick and move it near the dowel until you can target the parrot to step up on the dowel. Once this is mastered, start with your fingers. Target the bird to step up on your fingers until he feels comfortable doing so. Make sure your fingers are close enough to the cage that should he step up on your fingers—he can jump back to the cage. Don’t make it a negative experience. Gradually move away from the cage and the bird will become more confident with you.

This is the short version of taming your parrot. Make sure you do a search in google or this forum and you’ll get so much more information.

Hope this helps Juan :D .

Best Wishes :wink: ,


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