Had to clip Cory's wings

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Had to clip Cory's wings

Post by Lene » Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:39 pm

Cory is a shortbilled Corella (BE2) - he flew away a few months ago, but I found him after a week... I let his wings grow out, so he would be stronger in flying and able to escape predators, if it happened again...

Lately, though, he had started to terrorise the other birds by constantly flying onto their cages and trying to get to them through the bars. He was getting really cocky! Pun intended.. lol

I still feel really bad - I loved to see him fly with a full set of wings, but he's much more compliant, and even though he can climb onto the other birdcages, he's a lot more relaxed, and doesn't 'go' for them, like he did with full wings.

He can still fly, but not gain height.


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