Bobby and his/her imaginary friend

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Bobby and his/her imaginary friend

Post by Rosemary » Sat Sep 23, 2006 4:35 pm

Hello all, Our Bobby has been acting very strange lately. She used to have a mirror in the cage but we took it away as it was driving us crazy, she would peck at it and make the most loud noises. Each morning when we open up her door to let her out (she is hardly ever in the cage), she makes for anything shiny, even the tiniest of things that she can see herself in, sometimes she stands and looks in the dog's stainless steel bowl for hours and clucks away to herself. I realize that she thinks it is another bird, she has toys but is not interested in them. If we leave her in the cage she is most unhappy, coming into spring in NZ I wondered if the change of season would be making her a bit clucky. Any suggestions of how to break this habit. We think she is a girl, almost 2 years old now and no sign of a black ring, every time I call her she crouches down and clucks at me :lol:
I am always very interested to hear about all your lovely birds over there in the States. Rosemary

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