My Ringneck, Flygon and my Yello Naped Amazon, Rowdy!

A place to talk about all species, apart from our Ringnecks. Please, post video and pics when available.


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My Ringneck, Flygon and my Yello Naped Amazon, Rowdy!

Post by Flygon#1 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:49 pm

Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, Jesse and my not so big flock.
Not that it matters. I have what i believe to be a younger IRN whome has the name Flygon by prev owner. He rules the house as in most cases with RingNecks. Haha.

I ALSO have my Yello Naped Amazon, Rowdy. Who i believe os PROBABLY a bit on the elder side.
Both birds are very sweet.

Neither of them bite. But both growl when they want you to leave them be.
They both are hand tame, but Flygon flys away while he is out. Anyone know how i can train him not to do that?

Flygon is VERY peotective of Rowdy against men. If a man tries to pick Rowdy up from his cage, flygon is.on the attack.

Rowdy is just a toral sweet heart. Doesnt do much petting. But he usually steps right up. He is a rescue bird thay we took from a not so great situation. And we are more then glad to have him in pur hpme.

Even though he is on the.older side. He doesnt know.many things. Words. Songs. Tricks.
Id like to know if he is still eligable for training such as words and phrases. Not so much looking to teach him tricks..

Ps. Sorry for any mis spelling. This was done on a new pgone haha.
Thanks so much!! Jesse.

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Re: My Ringneck, Flygon and my Yello Naped Amazon, Rowdy!

Post by InTheAir » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:50 am

Hi Jesse,
It sounds like you have some lovely birds and they have fallen into the right hands.
I don't know much about how to train talking, our ringneck repeats what he likes. My knowledge of talking extends to repeating the same things every day. Nila still does not say "wanna come out" despite us asking him that several times a day for a year, but yells our names when he wants attention...
As far as flying away, I take the attitude that it's the birds right to go where he chooses. You can make areas or yourself more attractive by offering treats, toys and praise when he is where you want him to be. As he trusts you more and enjoys the benefits you provide he will probably want to spend more time in your company.
My thing is trick training, I hope someone else can answer your questions better.


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Re: My Ringneck, Flygon and my Yello Naped Amazon, Rowdy!

Post by MissK » Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:15 am

My big, giant contribution here is the somewhat obvious concept that the bird will stay with you when he has sufficient motivation that overcomes any concerns he might have. So make yourself fantastic with the treats and toys, and don't forget to invite him back. You could be losing out to some interesting curtain rings or whatever because he got distracted. If you're not giving treats by hand begin to do so.

For your Amazon- I also brought home an older bird with few skills, though in my case it's the Ringneck. Seriously, he 'didn't know nuthin'!" I kept providing him what I thought he should have, but in baby steps, always trying to keep the next challenge in reserve. I strongly believe there is still opportunity for your older bird to learn.

So for instance, I introduced foraging by first getting him accustomed to taking a treat from the hand, then establishing the best treat, then letting him see me hide it in paper. He had to learn he might have to LOOK for something. I also put in many food dishes and changed which dish had food, which had water, which had toys, and which might just be empty. I feel it promoted moving around and checking stuff out, though he was not exactly stuck in one place to start with, at least AFTER he figured out to use and not fear the natural perches.

He had to learn about toys, and started with the easy ones. He is still mainly into his foot toys, foraging, and chewing. By the way, I had him half a year before he understood he gets to chew things. Broke my heart! He likes a *simple* puzzle and he may never get into more, but he does like to take things apart. He has a big stainless eyebolt with extra nuts for unscrewing, and that is as complex a puzzle as he tends to prefer.

I believe Rocky had some speech before I got him, and has picked up only a very little unclear speech since I have him., This is a lowest priority for me, so I don't really encourage it much., but I feel he is capable of much more. Once in a blue moon he spontaneously repeats a novel word or two and then never does it again. This leads me to think he can but just has little motivation. We have a whistle language I find very satisfying, so if you can't get speech, you might try that. Our two (sometimes three) part contact call is quite rewarding. It employs notes I chose, not natural to Ringnecks, and I think it makes the point (to the bird) that we can "talk" to each other. I would suggest you try that, or the same thing with a word, to teach your bird you can, indeed, have a verbal conversation.

I have to say I appreciate your taking in second hand birds. I have found that helping my Rocky rehabilitate himself has been extraordinarily rewarding, way past my expectations. If you have not yet done so, you should look into operant conditioning as a way to help your bird learn. Karen Pryor has an outstanding book, _Don't Shoot The Dog_, though she is not the only source. You can even check out Wikipedia!! :o

Best wishes!

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Re: My Ringneck, Flygon and my Yello Naped Amazon, Rowdy!

Post by Flygon#1 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:53 am

Thanks you two! That was good start up help. They are both second hand. And i really appreciatehelping animals that are in need. They deserve it most. It is very rewarding. Even at my age haha . These two, for how sweet they are, definatley desseve it. And i am happy to give them their final home :)

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