i think its time

A place for us to talk about the loss of a pet, even if not a ringneck. A place to grief and receive information and support from our family. Memorialize your pet by posting a picture and sharing information about your baby.

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i think its time

Post by bec »

i think its time to place a message here for orchid
she got out of her avairy on the first of september and has not been sighted for nearly 2 weeks
but i think i need to say goodbye
her eggs have hatched & are being looked after by kirara
kiron loved her so much & misses his "orckie"
she is gone from our lives but never from our hearts
we all miss you baby
something really weird happened the other day i was doing a meditation class it really worked!!! i dozed off!!!
& i had this dream i dreamt i was in a clearing surrounded by lush forrest with a stream & waterfall i was standing under a tree and i heard an ecixted irn contact call then gen jen landed on my left shoulder & snuggled!!!! :shock: not long after felt another bird on my right shoulder
it was orchid!! she snuggled to me to then all of a sudden there was a bright light i looked towards it & it was a bridge made of rainbows!!
the girls snuggled under each ear muttered somthing that sounded happy & flew of over the bridge yelling in happiness
now i dont know if this was my subconcious working through my grief or my beautiful girls saying they are together & ok ( i choose to belive the latter) but it helped me through
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Post by SkyBaby »

I'm so sorry. :( That was a beautiful dream though. I'm sure they're very happy wherever they are right now. *hugs*
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