We just lost our Posey

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We just lost our Posey

Post by MonknSharona »

Poor sweet Posey. As much as I shouldn't say it, of all our birds she was my favorite. She was my special little gal. :( We are going to miss her dearly.

It's still very raw so I can't go into details but we do have to make a decision about her. I want to get a very nice urn for her but as far as birds are concerned, I can only find them specific for African Greys, 'toos, and macaws and amazons. Would anyone happen to know if there are any IRN specific ones or something similar? I may just get one with a picture frame.

Thank you.
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Post by pinkdevil »

Oh that is very sad. :(

Sorry about Posey.

R.I.P. Posey.
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Post by Ringneck <3 »


Posey :cry: :cry:
-Lucas :wink:
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Post by Lauren »

*Hugs* :cry: Im sure Posey new how much she was cherished. Thats a great idea of getting a personalized urn. Im sorry I cannot help. R.I.P Posey.
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